Recordings of Lectures

(The schedule provide abstracts for the lectures.)

  1. Karen Meagher: EKR Theorems for Groups. (slides); (open problems)
  2. Ada Chan:Instantaneous Uniform Mixing. (slides, open problems at end)
  3. Jon Yard: Tight 2-designs in complex projective spaces. (slides)
  4. Joey Iverson: Equiangular Lines over Finite Fields. (slides); (open problems).
  5. Nathan Lindzey: Algebraic Aspects of $t$-Intersecting Families. (slides); (open problems)
  6. Hadi Kharaghani: Balancedly splittable orthogonal designs. (slides); (open problems)
  7. David Roberson: Quantum Isomorphisms: Results and Open Questions. (slides)
  8. Ferdinand Ihringer: Variants of the EKR Problem. (slides, open problems at end)
  9. Andriaherimanana Sarobidy Razafimahatratra: On the Intersection Density of Transitive Groups. (slides)
  10. Sebi Cioaba: Some problems related to eigenvalues of graphs. (slides)
  11. Peter Sin: Quantum Walks on Finite Groups. (slides)
  12. Christino Tamon: Quantum mixing through the algorithmic lens. (slides)
  13. Xiwang Cao: Some results on uniform mixing on abelian Cayley graphs. (slides)
  14. Chris Godsil: Local uniform mixing on oriented graphs. (slides); (open problems)


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