PMATH 445/745: Representation Theory

Fall 2015

  • TTh 1--2:30 in RCH 306

    Offine hours: Wednesday 1:00--2:30.

    Final Exam: Wednesday, December 9, 12:30--3 in MC 4064.

    I will be holding office hours on December 7, from 2--4.

    Instructor: Jason Bell

    Syllabus We'll cover (not necessarily in this order) subrepresentations and irreducible representations, tensor products of representations. Character theory. Representations as modules over the group ring, Artin-Wedderburn structure theorem for semisimple rings. Induced representations, Frobenius reciprocity, Mackey's irreducibility criterion.

    Textbook: Serre's Linear Representations of Finite Groups

    At times throughout the semester, I will be posting my (rough) lecture notes.

    Here are some notes on the Artin-Wedderburn theorem.

    Coursework and Grades: Grades will be based on individual homework assignments (50%) and a final exam (50%).

    Assignment 1, Due September 26 in class: File

    Assignment 2, Due October 15 in class: File

    Assignment 3, Due October 29 in class: File

    Assignment 4, Due November 12 in class: File

    Assignment 5, Due November 26 in class (Mistakes: in Ex. 3, N should be 16n^2/epsilon^2; in Ex. 6, it should be for A not {+-I}): File