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Phenomenological models of bacterial physiology

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Department of Applied Mathematics
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, ON
Canada, N2L 3G1

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MC 6114
Lab - MC 6422 ext 37305


mscott "at"

Research highlights:

M. Mori, V. Patsalo, C. Euler, J. R. Williamson and M. Scott (2024) Proteome partitioning constraints in long-term laboratory evolution Nature Communications 15: art. 4087. [pdf]

M. Scott and T. Hwa (2023) Shaping bacterial gene expression by physiological and proteome allocation constraints Nature Reviews Microbiology 21: 327-342. [Abstract]

M. Scott, P. Greulich, M. Evans, R. J. Allen (2015) Growth-dependent bacterial susceptibility to ribosome-targeting antibiotics. Molecular Systems Biology 11: 796. [pdf].

M. Scott, C. W. Gunderson, E. M. Mateescu, Z. Zhang and T. Hwa (2010) Inter-dependence of cell growth and gene expression: Origins and consequences. Science 330: 1099-1102. [Abstract] [Commentary]

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