Poster information

Accepted posters (sorted by presenters' last name, in bold):

  • S. Ahmed, G. Angulo, S. Dey. Cutting planes for semi-continuous network flow problems.
  • E. Amaldi, S. Coniglio, S. Gualandi. Sequentially coordinated cutting plane generation for inequalities with integer coefficients.
  • S. Ahmed, S. Dey, A. Gupte. Lifted inequalities for bilinear equality flow constraints.
  • M. Guzelsoy, G. Nemhauser, M. Savelsbergh. Fix and Relax Branch-and-Bound for Mixed Integer Programming.
  • S. Ahmed, Q. He, G. Nemhauser. Sell or Hold: A simple two-stage stochastic combinatorial optimization problem.
  • A. Basu, R. Hildebrand, M. Koeppe. On the Facets and Optimal Cuts of Mixed Integer Programs with Fixed Number of Integer Variables and Constraints.
  • H. Jeon, J. Linderoth. Inequalities for a Nonseparable Quadratic Set.
  • L. Galli, K. Kaparis, A. Letchford. Gap Inequalities for Mixed-Integer Quadratic Programs.
  • M. Kilinc, J. Linderoth, J. Luedtke. Exploiting Separability for Solving Convex Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming.
  • C. Kirches. Fast numerical methods for mixed-integer model-predictive control.
  • M. Koeppe. A discretization-free FPTAS for polynomial optimization over the mixed-integer points in a class of polytopes of varying dimension.
  • J. Chinneck, H. Mahmoud. Achieving Integer Feasibility Quickly by Alternating Axis-Parallel and General Disjunctions.
  • K. Cheung, B. Moazzez. Finite Representation for Mixed Integer Programs using Subadditive Generator Functions
  • S. Dey, D. Moran, J.P. Vielma. Strong Dual for Conic Mixed-Integer Programs
  • V. Narayanan. Semidefinite representation of integer hulls.
  • J. Ostrowski. Using Symmetry to Optimize Over the Sherali-Adams Relaxation.
  • G. Nemhauser, D. Papageorgiou, M. Savelsbergh, A. Toriello. Fixed-Charge Transportation with Product Blending.
  • C. Puchert. Primal Heuristics for Branch-and-Price Algorithms.
  • S. Ahmed, S. Dey, F. Qiu. MIP approaches for sampled approximations of probabilistic covering constraints
  • J. Luedtke, Y. Song. A Chance-constrained Model for the Design of Reliably s-t Connected Networks.
  • W. Cook, T. Koch, D. Steffy, K. Wolter. An Exact Rational Mixed-Integer Programming Solver.
  • R. Stephan. Reducing the minimum T-cut problem to polynomial size linear programming.
  • C. Buchheim, E. Traversi. Separating Split Inequalities for Non-Convex Integer Quadratic Programming.
  • S. Kucukyavuz, H. Yaman, M. Zhang. A polyhedral study of the two-echelon lot-sizing problem with intermediate demands.

Program committee

Shabbir Ahmed
Ricardo Fukasawa
(University of Waterloo)
Ted Ralphs
(Lehigh University)
Juan-Pablo Vielma
(University of Pittsburgh)
Giacomo Zambelli
(London School of Economics)


Local committee

Samir Elhedhli
(University of Waterloo)
Ricardo Fukasawa
(University of Waterloo)