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(This tribute has appeared in the special issue on Semidefinite Programming in Mathematical Programming, volume 77, 1997.)

Svata Poljak was born in Prague on October 9, 1951. He did his training at Charles University in Prague and received his PhD in 1980 under the supervision of Zdenek Hedrlin. Upon completion of his PhD he first took a position at Ceske Vysoke Uceni Technicke, the Technical University in Prague, in the Department of Operations Research, and next, in 1986, at Charles University in the Department of Applied Mathematics. In April 1994 he moved to the University of Passau to take up a position in the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. He died on April 2, 1995 in a car accident. Svata is survived by his wife Jana and their two sons Honza and Vitek.

Svata had a very broad interest and a wide mathematical knowledge. This is best illustrated by his many important contributions in diverse areas of discrete mathematics and combinatorial optimization such as matroid theory, matching theory, the max-cut and stable set problem, spectral approaches to graph problems, convex and polyhedral relaxations, semidefinite programming, and various other integer programming related problems. The fast approximation algorithms for finding a maximum cut by semidefinite programming, which are currently in the spotlight and play a major role in the popularity of semidefinite programming, find their root in work of Svata on eigenvalue methods for graph problems. In addition, Svata's early work included pioneering contributions to the area of neural networks.

Svata was involved in a fatal car accident. This occurred 62 kms from Prague on Sunday evening April 2, 1995. Svata was on his way back to Prague from his summer house in Nove Hute. This is a village in the mountains, very conveniently located about halfway between Passau and Prague. Svata had just bought the cottage and he was really thrilled with it. In winter you can go skiing, starting right from the front door. It was one of Svata's longstanding dreams to have a place like that ... He was in the car with Standa Tyle, one of his best friends from Prague, two women including Standa's wife, and two children. They were hit by a car that came the other way, but on their side. There was no way to escape. Svata and his friend must have been dead instantly. The children recovered quickly from their physical injuries, but the two women had to undergo treatment for a long time.

Svata and Standa belonged to a group of four very good friends, who were engaged in fencing from the age of 10. The four of them and, later also their families, have remained inseparable throughout the years. They shared, among other things, a common love for hiking, canoeing, cross-country skiing, mountain trips, biking, etc...

This tragic accident happened at a moment which may have been among the happiest in Svata's life. Svata was indeed very happy with his new professional activity in Passau; he liked very much his work and the university environment, as well as living in Passau with his family. During the winter of 1995, he enjoyed fully the snowy weekends in Nove Hute, where he could happily mix work and leisure.

Svata will remain a point of reference in our community in many respects. We regret deeply the loss of a colleague and friend.

Following are a few memories by some of his collaborators and friends.

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BIBLIOGRAPHY follows: (5 ps files of papers are available)

Svatopluk Poljak
February 1994

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