The uneasy relationship between mathematics and cryptography

Neal Koblitz
Notices of the AMS, 54 (2007), 972-979.

Abstract: The worlds of academic mathematical research and commercial and governmental application, with their occasionally distinct values and practices, meet and sometimes clash in the study and implementation of cryptosystems. The author describes his own experiences, and those of mathematical colleagues, in this intersection.

Journal paper

French translation by Marie-José Durand-Richard and Philippe Guillot

Responses: The Notices article received much attention and there were numerous responses, many of them angry and emotional, from prominent researchers who work in theoretical cryptography or theoretical computer science.
Here are some excerpts from the angry responses:
  • "petulant... baseless... slander" —Avi Wigderson
  • "non sequiturs... personal attacks... petulance" —Luca Trevisan
  • "abhorrent... personal screed... belligerent name-calling... sheer elitism... snobbery at its purest" —Jonathan Katz
  • "disingenuous... misleading... emotional and unfounded attacks" —Hugo Krawczyk
  • "Koblitz is a liar... Koblitz and his NSA buddies" —Anonymous