Workshop on Number Theory and Random Matrix Theory
June 1-3, 2005, Waterloo, Canada

Funded by the Dean's Office at U of W, the Field's Institute, PIMS, and the Perimeter Insititute

This workshop (June 1-3, 2005) is being organized as a satellite workshop to the June 4-6 CMS summer meeting.
Participants in this workshop are invited to also participate in the number theory session (L-functions and Algebraic Curves) of the CMS meeting .
It is intended that participants will speak either in this workshop or in the CMS number theory session, but will attend both if possible.
This will allow for talks of a variety of lengths and greater interaction amongst participants.
Notice, our session in the CMS meeting will only have talks on June 4,5.

Confirmed Participants:
Amir Akbary
Eugene Bogomolny
Oriol Bohigas
Alina Cojocaru
Brian Conrey
David Farmer
John Friedlander
Alex Gamburd
Steve Gonek
Chris Hughes
Hershy Kisilevsky
Shinya Koyama
Stephen Kudla
Par Kurlberg
Jeffrey Lagarias
Adam Logan
Francesco Mezzadri
Micah Milinovich
Steven J Miller
Kumar Murty
Ram Murty
Nathan Ng
Ashkan Nikeghbali
Yiannis Petridis
Morten Risager
Christian Roettger
Nina Snaith
Doug Ulmer
Mark Watkins
Matthew Young
Gang Yu
Talks will be held in building MC (Math and Computer Science), room 5136, at the University of Waterloo.
To get to Waterloo from Pearson Airport in Toronto, we suggest either taking an Airways Transit shuttle or renting a car.
Schedule and Abstracts:
The workshop schedule and abstracts can be found here .
Abstracts for our June 4-5 CMS session
Yu-Ru Liu
David Mckinnon
Michael Rubinstein
If you wish to participate, or have questions regarding the workshop please contact:
Michael Rubinstein, mrubinst at uwaterloo dot ca
The CMS has reserved some rooms at a few local hotels .
You must book a room yourself and are encouraged to reserve a room as soon as possible to guarantee accomodations.
Note: the Best Western St. Jacob is *not* within walking distance.
Related CMS meeting info:
The CMS meeting will be held June 4-6 (our session will be June 4,5).
For those also participating in the CMS meeting make sure to book your hotel room appropriately.