My research interests can be divided into three broad categories and collaborations:
1) The development of robust, high order numerical tools for stratified flows, with a focus on lakes.
2) The physics of stratified fluids, and especially internal waves.
3) Continuum and porous media mechanics of sediments and other materials found on the lake bottom.
I maintain active collaborations with Kevin Lamb (internal wave dynamics, numerical models of lake dynamics) Francis Poulin (geophysical fluid dynamics, stochastic simulation), Michael Waite (internal waves in the atmosphere), Magda Carr, St. Andrew’s, U.K., (intercomparison of simulated and experimentally realized internal waves), and Mathew Wells, U of T Scarborough (lake dynamics). I have a broad network of collaborators originating from my time as co-chair of the NSERC Geosciences review panel.
Research and Collaborations