I have been at UW since 2004 as a member of the Environmental and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics group. I am presently the Associate Dean for Computing.  My primary research interests lie in the numerical modeling of stratified flows, and especially internal waves. This includes software development and studies of physical processes in lakes and the coastal ocean. Our group maintains a small lab facility and I interact with experimentalists.
I have been involved with climate modeling from both a global climate model and toy model point of view. Collaborative work with Chris Fletcher and Michael Waite continues some of this research.
I maintain an interest in the physics of porous media through both theoretical work and applied projects on mining waste, the latter in collaboration with David Blowes.
I have an interest in lab demonstrations for the class room as well as the aesthetic side of fluid dynamics, be it numerical or experimental.
A collection of short essays of topics in Continuum Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics and Applied Mathematics with accompanying photos can be found here.
About Me