Hans De Sterck's PhD Thesis


`Numerical simulation and analysis of magnetically dominated MHD bow shock flows with applications in space physics'

       PhD thesis,Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium),
       and NationalCenter for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado (USA), 1999

On this page you can retrieve gzipped postscript files per chapter, a gzipped tar directory containing the postscript files
per chapter, or a gzipped postscript file of the whole text. Btw, I am out of hardcopies, unfortunately.

Gzipped postscript files per chapter:

Gzipped tar file with the postscript files per chapter:

[gzipped tar file]

Gzipped postscript file of the whole text: (see note below for double-sided printing)

[gzipped postscript file]

Note on double-sided printing:
In the full postscript file, completely blank pages between chapters are not included.
When printing the file duplex as a whole, pages that should be 'on the left' can therefore
end up being printed 'on the right'. Therefore, when printing duplex, it may be best to
print chapter per chapter using the files above.

Hans De Sterck