Washington Tour

Walking to 49 sites in DC.

I have to admit that I haven't actually walked the 217,605-mile US tour. All mathematics and no action.

But I did take the route out for a small test drive. In October I was in Washington DC for a meeting at the National Academy of Engineering. So, like any reasonable tourist, I plotted a tour to 50 sites in the neighborhood. You can click here for an interactive Google Map displaying the stops and the route.

Turned out that 50 was actually 49, since two of the listings were at the same location. But it still took four and half hours to hit them all. And, looking at the GPS trace, you can see we made a couple of wrong turns. Yikes.

Hopefully you will do better when you hit the road for the full Monty.

Washington Walk

Optimal 49-stop tour.

Washington Walk

GPS recording of the walk.

It was not a stop listed in our data base, but luckily the DC tour went past the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. A beautiful monument to Dr. King.

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.