London Pubs

Walking to 100 pubs.

Is it really a tour if no one is walking? It will take someone with more stamina than I can muster to cover the 45,000 kilometers in the full tour. I do have a friend, working in mathematical optimization, who is planning to walk the UK coastline. Perhaps I can convince him to head inland to pick up a pint or two. But not likely.

As the tiniest of contributions, I can mention that I did walk an optimal 100-pub route in London in the fall of 2015. I found myself in the city a day before a mathematical meeting, taking place at the BMA House on Tavistock Square. So I plotted the route to the nearest 100 pubs, kitted up, and hit the road. You can click here for an interactive Google Map of the tour.

I took the photos displayed at the top of the page with my phone, which also recorded the actual walking route, shown below. It took over 6 hours to cover the 14 miles. Not a good pace if you want to hit all 24,727 UK pubs in a lifetime, but it was fun seeing the area of the city up close.

I can recommend TSP tours for visitors who want to get a good feeling for an area. The sometimes narrow ways Google found to get me to the next pub were ones that I would never have spotted up my own. The engineering in their point-to-point directions is indeed impressive.

Sadly, I did find that two of the pubs on my list were permanently closed. But the other 98 are open and waiting for your custom.

London Walk

GPS recording.

No selfies, but, if you look in the window of The Lamb photo below, you can see me taking the snap in the window's reflection.

The Lamb

Favorite pub.

The Lamb is in the Bloomsbury district of London at 94 Lamb's Conduit Street. That is a cool name for a street, but Polygon Road takes the crown for the day's walk.

Polygon Road

Favorite road.