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Phenomenological models of bacterial physiology

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Department of Applied Mathematics
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, ON
Canada, N2L 3G1

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MC 6114
(519) 888-4567 ext 35454
Lab - MC 6422 ext 37305


mscott "at"

Experimental research positions, both undergraduate and graduate, are available immediately. Please email if you are interested. 

Research highlights:

M. Scott, S. Klumpp, E. M. Mateescu and T. Hwa (2014) Emergence of robust growth laws from optimal regulation of ribosome synthesis. Molecular Systems Biology in press.

M. Scott, C. W. Gunderson, E. M. Mateescu, Z. Zhang and T. Hwa (2010) Inter-dependence of cell growth and gene expression: Origins and consequences. Science 330: 1099-1102. [Abstract] [Commentary]

Coverage: [Chemical and Engineering News][Physics Today]

M. Scott, F. J. Poulin and H. Tang (2010) Approximating intrinsic noise in continuous multispecies models. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London - Series A. [Abstract]

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