Tutte Seminar Series, Dept. of Combinatorics & Optimization, Fall 2009

Regular time and location:  Fridays at 3:30pm in room MC 5158.

Date Speaker Title Host
Sept 18, 2009 Igor Shparlinski
Macquarie University
Sum-Product Problem: New Generalisations and Applications Alfred Menezes
Sept 25, 2009 Jim Geelen
University of Waterloo
Matroids, Diophantine equations, and decidability  
Oct 2, 2009 Bruce Richmond
University of Waterloo (adjunct)
Asymptotics of Some Partition Functions  
Oct 9, 2009 Stefan van Zwam
CWI Amsterdam and
University of Waterloo
Representing some non-representable matroids  
Oct 16, 2009 Ricardo Fukasawa
University of Waterloo
The master equality polyhedron  
Oct 23, 2009 Adi Shamir
Weizmann Institute
Plumbing 101: How to Deal With a Small Cryptographic Leakage Alfred Menezes
Oct 30, 2009 Nick Harvey
University of Waterloo
Learning Submodular Functions  
Nov 6, 2009 Michele Mosca
University of Waterloo
Computing with Untrusted Quantum Apparatus  
Nov 13, 2009 No Seminar
Nov 20, 2009 Shmuel Friedland
University of Illinois
Matchings, permanents and their random approximations Henry Wolkowicz
Nov 27, 2009 Deeparnab Chakrabarty
University of Waterloo
Linear Programming Relaxations for Steiner Trees  
Dec 4, 2009 Jim Ostrowski
Dept. of Management Sciences
University of Waterloo
Symmetry in Integer Programming  
Dec 11, 2009 Andrew Childs
University of Waterloo
Quantum property testing for sparse graphs  
Dec 18, 2009 No Seminar

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