Bright and motivated postdoctoral researchers, graduate students, and undergraduate students are invited to join the interdisciplinary Bauch lab to pursue exciting research projects in mathematical biology and data science.

Postdoctoral researchers need to have their own funding. However, PhD studentships are available to highly qualified graduate students, both international and Canadian. Students should have an 'A' average or equivalent. PhD applicants must also show promise in research. All students must show excellent skills in mathematical modelling and/or computer programming, and have a strong exposure to scientific subjects from their undergraduate degree. My next intake of students will be for starting the program in Fall 2020, in which case applications are due early in 2020 and interested students should contact me in October 2019. I will be taking on up to one student for the Computational Mathematics MMath program who will be working on applications of data science and machine learning to mathematical biology. I will also be taking up to one student for the Applied Mathematics PhD program who will be working in the same area, or in population biology modelling (human-environment systems or coupled behaviour-disease systems). Opportunities are avaiable for interdisciplinary collaboration and co-supervision. Further information on how to apply can be found on the departmental webpage.

I also train undergraduates through the USRA and work placement programs.

Current lab members, as well as lab alumni and their destinations after the Bauch Lab, are available under the Lab section of the website.