Welcome to the website of Professor Chris Bauch. I am a professor of Applied Mathematics and a University Research Chair at the University of Waterloo, Canada. My lab's research program is centred on applying mathematics to real-world problems in infectious diseases, ecology, human-environment systems, behaviour, and sustainability. On these pages you will find more information about my research, my lab members, and opportunities to join the lab as a student or postdoc.

Lab News

Chris Bauch - June 4th 2019
The prototype interface for our server Dumbledore is up (it is still a work in progress!): this website shows number of tweets on climate change and vaccines, tagged by sentiment, and updated daily. Data are available for the past few years.

Chris Bauch - September 30th 2016
MMath student Demetri Pananos has defended his thesis and taken up a position as a data scientist with AIMIA, Toronto. Congratulations Demetri!

Chris Bauch - August 25th 2016
Congrats go to Kirsten Henderson who has defended her PhD thesis and landed a postdoc in the south of France... we are envious!

Chris Bauch - December 9th 2015
Congrats to PhD student Bryce Morsky, who will be taking up a postdoctoral research appointment at Notre Dame University in February 2016!

Chris Bauch - July 17th 2015
Former postdoc Samit Bhattacharyya is taking up a tenure-track assistant professor position in the Department of Mathematics, Shiv Nadar University. Congrats Tamer!

Chris Bauch - November 20th 2014
PhD student Notice Ringa successfully defended his thesis this week, and has been hired as a Lecturer (which is equivalent to an assistant professor) in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST). Congrats Notice!

Chris Bauch - November 20th 2014
PhD student Stephen Tully successfully defended his thesis this week, and will soon be starting his postdoctoral fellowship at the World Health Organization\'s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in France. Congrats Steve!

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