Recreational Problem Sessions

Each fall, usually during the months of October and November, there is a weekly recreational Problem Solving Session.
This is intended to help students prepare for the Big E and Special K contests and for the Putnam competition.
At the sessions, students are given some mathematical problems to solve.
This year, the sessions will be on Monday from 5pm to 8pm, with the exception of Oct 21 which is from 5:30pm to 8:30pm.

Here are the problems, and some solutions.

  Week     Date     Location     Lessons     Solutions     Assorted  
  1     Sep 30     MC 2066     Pigeonhole Principle     Solutions     Problems  
  2     Oct 7     MC 2066     Induction and Recursion     Solutions     Problems  
  3     Oct 21     MC 2065     Combinatorics     Solutions     Problems  
  4     Oct 28     MC 2065     Probability     Solutions     Problems  
  5     Nov 4     MC 2066     Polynomials     Solutions     Problems  
  6     Nov 11     MC 2066     Sequences and Series     Solutions     Problems  
  7     Nov 18     MC 2066     Derivatives and Integrals     Solutions     Problems  
  8     Nov 25     MC 2066     Number Theory     Solutions     Problems  
  9     Dec 2     MC 2066     Linear Algebra     Solutions     Problems