Errata to "A Course in Universal Algebra"

Any errors in the book that I find, or that are brought to my attention, will be posted on this webpage.


The following errors were corrected on October 13, 2009:

Page 5, middle of page: "Pierce" should be "Peirce".

Page 304 of the Author Index The entry labeled "Peirce, R.S." should be "Pierce, R.S."
The entry labeled "Pierce, C.S." should be "Peirce, C.S." and the page number 129 should be associated with the citation for R.S. Pierce on page 129, not C.S. Peirce.
[Credits to: Greg Lavender]

Page 74, line 8: "free algebra \bF(..)"

Page 38, last line: should be "\langle f^A(a_1,a_2),f^A(b_1,b_2) \rangle"
Page 39, Figure 10: change the argument (a_1,b_1) at the bottom of the figure to (a_1,a_2); and change (a_2,b_2) to (b_1,b_2). [credits to: Marcel Jackson]

Page 163: The last line is missing a right parenthesis in $f(b_1,...,b_n)$.

Page 165: The conclusion of Lemma 6.6, "Then there is an ultrafilter...", belongs on a new line, and not as part of item (iii).

Page 167, line 7: Con/B should be Con B.

Page 243, Theorem 2.16 : (c) K = IS.... for some class K*.

Page 14, First Displayed Line: Replace "c \vee b_1" by "c \meet b_1" [Thanks to Jon Cohen, May 09, 2005]

Page 165, Statement of Lemma 6.5: Index the algebras B_i for i from 1 to m (not 1 to k) [Thanks to Agostinho Almeida, March 09, 2006]

PS: There have been a couple more small errors pointed out, but due to being away and changes to both my office and equipment these were put aside till later, and now I cannot find them. So if you happen to note that I have not added a correction you emailed me, please repeat the email. Thanks.

Last Updated: October 13 2009 Stanley Burris