VFR Brake Hose Guides

If you replace your stock brake lines with braided steel ones, you have to decide whether to run two individual lines directly from the master cylinder to the calipers, or use the stock arrangement of a single line down to a splitter, and then separate lines to each caliper. And in either case, you need to arrange for something to hold the brake lines in place beside the fender, because braided steel lines are much slimmer than the stock rubber hoses.

A fellow VFR owner named Kevin Courter (who might possibly be reached at kcourter@rmi.net), sent me some pictures and blueprints for custom-made hose guides. Kevin is a smith, i.e. metal worker, and has made various bike-related items such as soft-luggage stand-off brackets.

Here are the photos and diagrams he has provided:

  1. The guide in place on the bike.
  2. Close up view of guide.
  3. Different angle.
  4. Yet another angle.
  5. Blueprints to make them.

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