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Computational OPtimization Solutions cluster

managed by the Math Faculty Computing Facility
University of Waterloo -- Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
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Altix XE rack
SGI Altix XE InfiniBand/ethernet cluster

This collection of web pages describes the central computing cluster for the Computational OPtimization Solutions (COPS) project.

The COPS cluster is a 12-node SGITM Altix XETM cluster with some special features. It has both a Linux head node (linopt.math) and a Windows head node (winopt.math). The twelve compute nodes can run either Windows or Linux. Users can submit jobs to the platform of their choice using the Moab job scheduler from Adaptive Computing.

This computing resource was obtained with funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), the Ontario Innovation Trust (OIT) and SGI. It is administered by MFCF. It is available only to professors named on this CFI Leaders Opportunity Fund project along with their students and direct collaborators. CFI funding rules prevent the sharing of LOF equipment with ineligible people.

For administrative information, please contact one of the three professors: Thomas Coleman, Henry Wolkowicz, Steve Vavasis. For technical information, please contact Robyn Landers in MFCF.

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SGI and Altix XE are trademarks of Silicon Graphics International. Certain copyrighted images are used by permission courtesy of SGI. All rights reserved.

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