Jane (Pu) Gao

Jane Gao

    Assistant Professor

    Department of Combinatorics and Optimization
    University of Waterloo

    Office: MC 6012
    Phone: 1 (519) 888 4567 (37529)
    Email: pu dot gao at uwaterloo dot ca


Random graph theory, asymptotic graph enumeration, theoretical computer science, randomized algorithms and stochastic processes.



  1. P. Gao, C. MacRury and P. Pralat.  
    Perfect Matchings in the Semi-random Graph Process.

  2. P. Gao.  
    The number of perfect matchings, and the sandwich conjectures, of random regular graphs.

  3. A. Arman, P. Gao and N. Wormald.  
    Linear-time uniform generation of random sparse contingency tables with specified marginals.

  4. P. Gao.  
    Triangles and subgraph probabilities in random regular graphs.

  5. P. Gao.  
    Kim-Vu's sandwich conjecture is true for all d=Ω((log n)^7).

  6. P. Gao and Y. Ohapkin.  
    Subgraph probability of random graphs with specified degrees and applications to chromatic number and connectivity.

  7. P. Gao, B. Kaminski, C. MacRury and P. Pralat.  
    Hamilton cycles in the semi-random graph process.

  8. L. Brick, P. Gao and A. Southwell.  
    The threshold of symmetry in random graphs with specified degree sequences.

  9. P. Gao, R. Ramadurai, I. Wanless and N. Wormald.  
    Counterexamples on matchings in hypergraphs and full rainbow matchings in graphs.

  10. P. Gao.  
    Analysis of the parallel peeling algorithm: a short proof.

Published or accepted

  1. P. Gao and C. Greenhill.  
    Mixing time of the switch Markov chain and stable degree sequences.
         Discrete Applied Mathematics, accepted.

  2. M. Anastos, A. Frieze, and P. Gao.  
    Hamiltonicity of random graphs in the stochastic block model.
         SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics, accepted.

  3. P. Gao, R. van der Hofstad, A. Southwell and C. Stegehuis.  
    Counting triangles in power-law uniform random graphs.
         Elec. J. Combinatorics, 27(3), (2020), P3.19.

  4. P. Gao, R. Ramadurai, I. Wanless and N. Wormald.  
    Full rainbow matchings in graphs and hypergraphs.
         Combinatorics, Probability and Computing, accepted.

  5. A. Coja-Oghlan, A. Ergur, P. Gao, S. Hetterich, M. Rolvien.  
    The rank of sparse random matrices.
         Proc. SODA 2020 (extended abstract).
         A preliminary version titled "The rank of random matrices over finite fields" can be found [here].

  6. P. Gao, M. Isaev and B. McKay.  
    Sandwiching random regular graphs between binomial random graphs.
         Proc. SODA 2020 (extended abstract).

  7. P. Gao and C. Greenhill.  
    Uniform generation of spanning regular subgraphs of a dense graph.
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  8. A. Arman, P. Gao, N. Wormald.  
    Fast uniform generation of random graphs with given degree sequences.
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         Random Struct. Algorithms, accepted.

  9. P. Ayre, A. Coja-Oghlan, P. Gao, N. Müller.  
    The satisfiability threshold for random linear equations.
         Combinatorica, accepted.

  10. P. Gao and N. Wormald.  
    Uniform generation of random graphs with power-law degree sequences.
         SODA 2018: 1741-1758 (Extended abstract).

  11. P. Gao.  
    The stripping process can be slow: part II.
         Siam Journal on Discrete Mathematics, accepted.

  12. P. Gao, X. Perez-Gimenez and C. M. Sato.   
    Arboricity and spanning-tree packing of random graphs.
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         Extended abstract published in SODA 2014, 317-326.   [conference version]

  13. P. Gao and N. Wormald.   
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  15. P. Gao and M. Molloy.  
    The stripping process can be slow: part I.
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    On the geometric Ramsey numbers of trees.
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    Enumeration of graphs with a heavy-tailed degree sequence.
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        Extended abstract published in Eurocomb 2013, 171-176.

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    The first k-regular subgraph is large.
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  22. P. Gao.   
    Sandwiching a densest subgraph by consecutive cores.
       [ pdf]
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  23. E. Ebrahimzade, F. Farczadi, P. Gao, A. Mehrabian, C. Sato, N. Wormald and J. Zung.   
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    The connectivity of the random regular graphs generated by the pegging algorithm
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