Jarka came for her annual visit in July 2005 and we had a lot of computational work to do. As always, we had to rely heavily on Zhengzheng's expertise. Zhengzheng was taking a full course load at the time, but I'd pick her up at 5pm and bring her back here where she'd work with Jarka. I sat behind them and this is pretty much what I saw of them. I call this a hard working reality picture :) (left). Jarka and I had been trying to analyze a "kinked" utility function. One day we had a great mental breakthrough. We looked at each other and said "If we regard the utility function as being identically zero then the kinked utility function can be represented as transaction costs and our existing theory solves it". What feeling! We were so wired, we couldn't work. I started playing the piano and Jarka took my picture. We had our lunch out in the gazebo and shortly thereafter there was a big thunderstorm. It was so wonderful. Awesome day!! Notice the T-shirt I am wearing. Jarka gave it to me. It says "Slovak for Beginners" at the top. Then it gives the most difficult to pronounce Slovak words below. (right)

ZhengZheng and Jarka working

Mike playing piano after he and Jarka proved a theorem

  Jarka and Zhengzheng have worked together many times and have become good friends. When it was time to take Jarka to the airport, Zhengzheng and Charlie came over to say goodbye. (left)

Early in August, our group went canoing on the Grand Canoing on the GrandIt's about a two hour trip, but some of us took about three hours :) Afterwards, we came back to my house for dinner. Here are Charlie and Zhengzheng starting out. (right)

Zhengzheng saying goodbye to Jarka

Charlie and Zhengzheng, canoing

  Minyan figured quite quickly that a nice thing about canoing is putting your feet in the cool river. (left) Marina and Alex have a good background for canoing. Marina took kayak lessons in Minsk when she was 17 and Alex is experienced with the dragon boats. (right)

Minyan, cooling her heels

Marina, Alex and Peter leading the pack.

  Of course, my cute little sports car, Mia, is not one of my grad students. But I don't think I have to apologize for putting her picture in here. (left)

Mike in Mia



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