2006: Friends 2006: Friends This years Father's Day was just superb! Jing and Lujing as well as Zhengzheng and Charlie came up Friday night and slept over. Everyone else joined us Saturday morning. It was raining pretty hard. I had arranged for a canoe trip on the Gand River for all of us. As we prepared to leave our house, we looked at each other and thought its raining pretty hard. Then someone said "To heck with the rain, let's have an adventure!!" So off we went. When we got to the river, the rain stopped!! In the pic below (left-right) are Victor, Julia, myself, Parthan, Thamayanthi, Lujing, Jeyan, Jing, Zhengzheng and Charlie. Julia took some excellent pics which she put up here: Julia's Pics on Picasa. Below (right) Thamayanthi helps herself to Patti's superb cooking. I get hungry just looking at that food. Thanks, Patti.

Father's Day 09

Thamayanthi getting food

  I figured out that Father's Day was also Zhengzheng's birthday and I let everybody know. People brought cute little gifts and we bought her a birthday cake She's blowing out the candles in this pic (below right). She said she hadn't had a party like this since she was little. What a wonderful day! All three girls just standing there looking gorgeous! (below, left)

Patti, Jing and Julia

Zhengzheng's Birthday Party


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