At the end of August 2008, Julia and I decided to take Victor to the Ontario Science Centre Ontario Science Centre, Toronto. It was quite crowed as it was the Friday before the Labour Day weekend and we had to wait about 1/2 hour just to get the general admission tickets. That didn't bother Victor :) He was into everything. Below, left, Victor is standing in front of the projection booth for the IMAX theatre where we saw "Facing Mars" on the big, BIG screen.

Victor at Ontario Science Centre

Victor and Julia playing games at Ontario Science Centre

In August, 2008 I flew to Vienna where I was met at the airport by Jarka and Tom. We drove to their new home in Stupava, Slovakia where I stayed with them for a four day weekend. Their house is very beautiful and the landscaping is superb (below, left)! We went to Devin Castle which is a very beautiful old castle which was started in the 800's (below right). It is located beside the Danube.

Jarka's backyard

Jarka and Mike: Coauthors

  Below, left is also part of Devin Castle with the Blue Danube behind. You can see a turret down below to the left. Jarka took me here the first time we met and I quite admired that turret and suggested it would make a nice office for me provided it had a high speed internet connection. Jarka later discovered that my turret was called "The Virgin Tower". Gulp :)

Devin Castle: Virgin Tower by Blue Danube


Of course, we had to visit Jarka's parents in Levice where Jarka grew up and where they live with Jarka's brother and his family. Her Mom is such a delightfully warm, caring person. She is also a wonderful cook. Her strong sense of hospitality requires that "No more food thank you" be said at least 3 times before she will stop giving you more food :) Notice that in the pic, she has fresh eggs from the hen house in her hand.

Jarka's parent's backyard

Jarka's Mom in Levice, Slovakia

In late July, 2008, Zhengzheng's Mom (XiaoMei) and Dad (HaiLiang) came to visit she and Charlie. Of course, we invited them all to our place and Patti made a fine lunch for us all. It was an amazing afternoon. Patti and I bonded with Zhengzheng's Mom and Dad almost instantly. We chatted with each other all afternoon, with Zhengzheng translating. It was exactly like we were old friends! Below left is a very special pic: Zhengzheng and her two Dads! Below, right shows Patti and XiaoMei bonding with Mitzi :)

Patti, XiaoMei and Mitzi.

Zhengzheng and her 2 Dads

  After a while, we all gathered in my office and Charlie took a pic (below left).

All in my office

In July, 2008, we went to visit my sister Cath and her husband Don at their cottage on Picton Bay. The next day we were joined by their son (my nephew) Ian, his wife Chrissie and their kids Nathan (7 yo) and Maddy (4 yo). Nathan and Maddy had boundless energy!! Maddy got me to play "hide and go seek" and when she found me, pulled me to do something else (below, left). Below right shows Don and I together with Nathan and Maddy on the hammock. Cath is taking a picture and Patti is taking a picture of Cath taking a picture.

Mike and Maddy - hide 'n seek

Everybody on the hammock.

Jing is completing her second Master's degree at McMaster and is one very hard working student (I know, because I taught her how :) So, she allows one day at the end of term to spend with me. We usually spend the day together driving in Mia in the country. This term (Spring, 2008) we drove the back (country) roads to Stratford. We had lunch at a fine Victorian restaurant called "The Old Prune" which Patti had recommended. It was in an old Victorian house and our lunch was superb!! You can see that right behind us is a beautiful courtyard and a very old tree (below, left). Below, right, is Jing anticipating a delicious lunch. We both agreed that we would return to this lovely restaurant with our spouses.

Jing and Mike having lunch

Jing and Mike at the Old Prune in Stratford

Every year, Patti and I have our family Christmas party and Patti always prepares a lot of very delicious food and treats. The picture below (Christmas, 2007), left shows Patti and me and my daughters. Behind me is our Christmas tree. It looks like it is growing out of my head :) but you can see our Christmas Angel on top of the tree. Below, right, shows us on Father's Day. It was a beautiful sunny day. Patti prepared a superb salmon dish and we ate in the garden.

Annual Family Christmas Party, 2007

All my daughters with me, Fatherr's Day 2008


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