The four kids in this pic (R-L) are me, my sister Kate, cousin Betsy and cousin Anne. I was probably about 8 and didn't have all of my teeth! The girls all wore starched sun dresses as was the custom at that time. We were at a cottage at Gull Lake which our parents rented for many summers. We swam, hiked and played all summer long.

(R-L) me, my sister Kate and my cousins Betsy and Ann.  At the cottage
  Here are the same four kids a few years later :) This was Christmas 2002. I rember Julia whispering in my ear as she handed me the four scrolls: "These are for the for kids in the (above) pic." There was one scroll for each season.

Same kids a few years later :)

Our family Christmas party, 2003. Julia is holding Victor who doesn't like to look at cameras because of the flash. Julia's husband Parker is taking the picture

Family Christmas party, 2003

Jarka talking to Mom at Mom's 93rd birthday party (June 2002)

Jarka talking to Mom at Mom's 93rd birthday party

This is the waterfall in our backyard

The waterfall in our backyard

Patti and I went canoing on the Grand River [August 2004]. It was a beautiful trip - very peaceful. There is very little housing or industry along the Grand so we really felt the nature aspect. It took us about 2 1/2 hours. Highly recommended! Take a peek at their site: Canoing on the Grand

Patti and I canoing on the Grand River

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