Analysis Research Group

University of Waterloo Analysis Seminar: List of Speakers (2021-2022)


Michael Brannan
Matthew Kennedy
Nico Spronk
Kateryna Tatarko

The seminar is generally held every Wednesday from 4:00pm to 5:00pm in MC5501 and is run in a hybrid format.

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Talk abstracts can be found HERE.

Date Speaker Title
September 22 Kenneth Davidson
University of Waterloo
Strongly Peaking Representations and Compressions of Operator Systems
September 29 Jintao Deng
University of Waterloo
The K-theory of Roe algebras and the equivariant coarse Baum-Connes conjecture
October 6 Srivatsav Kunnawalkam Elayavalli
Vanderbilt University
Strong 1-boundedness and Property T
October 8 Elisabeth Werner
Case Western Reserve University
Blaschke-Santalo inequality for many functions and geodesic barycenters of measures
October 13 -- READING WEEK .
October 20 Konstantin Tikhomirov
Georgia Institute of Technology
Shotgun assembly of Erdos-Renyi graphs
October 27 Artur Planeta
Agricultural University of Krakow
Conjugations in L2 spaces on the unit circle and the real line
November 3 Robert Martin
University of Manitoba
Non-commutative rational multipliers of the Fock space
November 10 Brent Nelson
Michigan State University
Free Stein Dimension
November 17 Boyu Li
University of Waterloo
Zappa-Szep product, self-similar actions, and equivalent groupoids
November 24 Samuel Harris
Texas A&M Univeristy
Applications of graph coloring games to quantum automorphism groups
December 1 Adam Bene Watts
University of Waterloo (IQC)
Noncommutative Nullstellensatz and Perfect Games
December 8 Lara Ismert
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Prescott)
Quantum graphs and their infinite path spaces
January 5 .
January 12 James Mingo
Queen's University
Non-crossing Partitions and the Infinitesimal Law of Real Wishart Random Matrices
January 19 Priyanga Ganesan
Texas A&M University
Spectral bounds for chromatic number of quantum graphs
January 26 .
February 2 Roberto Hernandez Palomares
Texas A&M University
Q-systems and higher unitary idempotent completion for C*-algebras
February 9 Ping Zhong
University of Wyoming
A surprising connection between Brown measures of Voiculescu's circular element and its elliptic deformations
February 16 Aaron Tikuisis
University of Ottawa
Classifying embeddings of C*-algebras
February 23 -- READING WEEK .
March 2 Anush Tserunyan
McGill University
Backward and forward ergodic theorems along trees
March 9 Anna Duwenig
University of Wollongong
Cartan subalgebras for non-principal twisted groupoid C*-algebras
March 10 Ivan Todorov
University of Delaware
Morita equivalence for operator systems
March 16 Benjamin Anderson-Sackaney
University of Waterloo
Quantum Subgroups and Traces
March 23 Adam Dor-On
Weizmann Institute of Science
Shift equivalences through the lens of Cuntz-Krieger algebras
March 28 **Special Room: MC 5417 Srivatsav Kunnawalkam Elayavalli
Vanderbilt University
A trick involving biduals and an application.
March 30 Alexa Vujicic
University of Waterloo
Characterisations of Pseudo-Amenability
April 6 Jacob Campbell
University of Waterloo
Characters of the infinite symmetric group and random matrices
April 13 Katherina von Dichter
Technical University of Munich
Mean inequalities for symmetrizations of convex bodies
April 20 Xuanlong Fu
University of Toronto
Tracial oscillation zero and stable rank one
June 15 Padraig Daly
University of Waterloo
Maps on the space of quantum channels
June 22 Benjamin Anderson-Sackaney
University of Waterloo
Multipliers on Fourier Algebras