Available positions: If your interested to work on experimental and/or mathematical studies of cancer biology, email your CV to "".


UW News on our ACS Nano Paper (June 23, 2016): Nanotechnology and math deliver two-in-one punch for cancer therapy resistance.


We have recently developed an integrative cancer biology laboratory, which is the first of its kind to be based in a mathematics faculty. The laboratory will help to gain a more fundamental understanding of the complex processes of cancer by integrating experimental studies and quantitative approaches.


We are grateful for the inspired and imaginative contribution by Steve Cheng, a UW alumnus (BMath 1977) who now lives in Hong Kong.


UW homepage highlighted our Nature Communication paper on February 11, 2015.


Congratulations to Moriah Magcalas for receiving an NSERC-CGSM award.


The Ping Yang Memorial Graduate Scholarship (named after Ping Yang, the late wife of Barry Henderson BMath 1969) will be offered annually to a full-time masters or doctoral student in Applied Mathematics conducting research in the field of Mathematical Oncology. 


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