SiGMa 2017


9:00-10:00 Paul Wollan, A shorter proof for the graph minor structure theorem with explicit bounds
Coffee break
10:20-11:10 Chun-Hung Liu, Packing topological minors half-integrally
Rose McCarty, 8-connected graphs are 4-ordered
Yingjie Qian, Asymptotic density of graphs excluding a disconnected minor
Joshua Fallon, A family of 2-crossing-critical graphs on the projective plane
Tony Huynh, Characterizing polytopes contained in the 0/1-cube with bounded Chvátal-Gomory rank
Sebastian Wiederrecht, Generalising Directed Graphs in Terms of Perfect Matchings
Lunch break
2:45-3:45 Geoff Whittle, Quasi-graphic matroids
Coffee break
4:10-5:00 Ahmad Abdi, Seymour’s 1977 $f$-flowing conjecture
Bertrand Guenin, A survey on even-cycle and even-cut matroids
Rutger Campbell, On excluded minors for real representability
Rong Chen, Infinitely many excluded minors for frame matroids and for lifted-graphic matroids
Daryl Funk, On excluded minors for classes of graphical matroids
Cynthia Rodriguez, On the excluded minors for represented frame matroids


9:00-10:00 Nathan Bowler, locally finite matroids
Coffee break
10:20-11:10 Joshua Erde, A counterexample to the reconstruction conjecture for locally finite trees
Anna-Kathrin Elm, Any nearly finitary matroid which is cofinitary is also $l$-nearly finitary for some $l \in \mathbb{N}$.
Sophie Spirkl, Triangle-free graphs that do not contain an induced subdivision of $K_4$ are 3-colorable
Karl Heuer, Geodesic cuts
Daniel Weißauer, On the structure of graphs without $k$-blocks
Gordon Royle, Hamilton cycles in cubic (and nearly cubic) graphs
Lunch break
2:45-3:45 James Oxley, Structural tools for $2$-polymatroids
Coffee break
4:10-5:00 Steve Noble, Excluded minor results for delta-matroids
Carolyn Chun, Delta-matroids as subsystems of sequences of Higgs lifts
Tara Fife, Two ways to extend the classes of nested and laminar matroids
Owen Hill, Matroid density and a well-quasi-order on matroid separations
Kevin Grace, All that glitters is not golden-mean
Zach Walsh, Density of $\textrm{PG}(t + 1, p)$-minor-free matroids
6:00-6:45Reception (cash bar)

Conference Dinner


9:00-10:00 Penny Haxell, Algorithms for independent transversals
Coffee break
10:20-11:10 Ran Ziv, Rainbow matchings in bipartite graphs and in matroids
Michelle Delcourt, Containers-type results in algebraic geometry
11:20-12:10 Announcements Amanda Cameron, A splitter theorem for connected clutters
Will Critchlow, Minimally non-transversal matroids
Zach Gershkoff, Why matroid connectivity is special
Vaidy Sivaraman, 2-divisibility and perfect divisibility in graphs
Lunch break
2:45-3:45 Sergey Norin, Relaxations of Hadwiger's conjecture
Coffee break
4:10-5:00 Irena Penev, Clique cutsets beyond chordal graphs
Shenwei Huang, Linearly $\chi$-bounding $(P_6,C_4)$-free graphs
5:10-6:00 O-joung Kwon, Chi-boundedness of graph classes excluding wheel vertex-minors
Mingxian Zhong, Obstructions for list three-coloring $H$-free graphs


9:00-10:00 Daniel Král, Analytic models of large graphs
Coffee break
10:20-11:10 Taísa Martins, Finitely forcible graph limits are universal
László Miklós Lovász, Extremal graph theory and finite forcibility
11:20-12:10 Jan Volec, On large bipartite subgraphs of dense $H$-free graphs
Jonathon Noel, Bootstrap percolation in a random subhypergraph
Lunch break
2:45-3:45 Rudi Pendavingh, Counting matroids
Coffee break
4:10-5:00 Jorn van der Pol, Almost every matroid is almost asymmetric
Relinde Jurrius, The $q$-analogue of a matroid
5:10-6:00 Guus Bollen, The Lindström valuation
Nick Brettell, $N$-detachable pairs in 3-connected matroids


9:00-10:00 Alex Scott, Graphs of large chromatic number
Coffee break
10:20-11:10 Yelena Yuditsky, Gyárfás-Sumner conjecture is almost always true
Ringi Kim, Coloring digraphs having no two block cycles
11:20-12:10 Nishad Kothari, On two unsolved problems concerning matching covered graphs
Ruth Luo, Extensions of a theorem of Erdős on nonhamiltonian graphs
Lunch break Catered lunch
1:10-2:00 Paul Seymour, Rainbow induced paths in graphs with large chromatic number and small clique number
2:10-3:00 Johannes Carmesin, Embedding 2-complexes in 3-space
Coffee break
3:30-4:30 Maria Chudnovsky, Coloring graphs with forbidden induced subgraphs
4:30-6:00 Reception (cash bar)

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