C&O 769h - Nonlinear Programming (FALL SEMESTER 1995)

Information related to the teaching activities of Professor Henry Wolkowicz is available. The material is related to the reading course given in the FALL SEMESTER 1995.

We are reading the book Nonliear Programming by Dimitri P. Bertsekas, to appear Nov/95, Daphne Politis, Marketing and Sales Athena Scientific, P.O. Box 391, Belmont, MA 02178-9998, U.S.A., Tel: (617) 489-3097, FAX: (617) 489-2017.

You may be interested in the new Optimization Technology Center. The center's mission is to make potential users in industry, government, and academia aware of how optimization techniques can aid their work, and to make the latest techniques widely available. Center products are designed to help at each stage of problem solving, from modeling real-world applications through solving the mathematical problem to interpreting the results. You may want to look at some case studies.

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