CO 372 Course Requirements and Marks (Winter 2018)

Course Requirements

Lecture attendance is a course requirement, although attendance is not recorded. The course requirements for CO 372 include four-sixn problem sets and a midterm exam and a final exam. The problem sets are written exercises and with a programming component. The written exercises involve some theory and may require some programming in MATLAB on either Unix or Windows workstations. MATLAB is a high-level language for numerical computation. Prior knowledge of MATLAB is not a prerequisite of the course. Assignments are due before the start of class, in class, on due date. (The envelope for the collected assignments closes at the start of class.) There is a late penalty of 10% for problem sets handed in up to 24 hours late. No problem sets are accepted more than 24 hours late.

The exams are written exams. You may bring one 8.5-by-11 sheet of paper with handwritten notes.


The problem sets count for 25% of the final mark and the midterm and final exams count for the other 25% and 50%, respectively. The lowest scoring problem set is dropped. One of the homeworks may be skipped, in which case this is the one that is dropped.

Academic integrity policy

Each student is expected to write up the problem set by himself or herself. Students must not hand in homework that represents somebody else's ideas entirely. Students should do the coding for programming questions by themselves---no program code should be shared.

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Posted Jan. 4, 2018.
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