as of July 14/09
                Machine Arrangement

For the latest information on model and operating system of the
machines in this group, please refer to "man mfcf-machines".
At the time of writing, they are as listed below.

Several machines share home directories and mailboxes in the "student region".
This means that you have a single home directory and a single mailbox
which all these machines share.  There is no need to copy your files
from one machine to another -- it's all one big shared environment.

Front-end machines provide login service to thin clients.
You're expected to do light-duty interactive activity on the front-ends.
CPU servers provide compilers, computationally intensive applications,
and more memory.  You're expected to do your heavier-duty activity there.

    HOST         Model   OS         CPUs   Speed      RAM

  Front-end login hosts:
    fe01.math    Ultra10 Solaris 8   1      300 MHz    1 GB
    fe05.math    V240    Solaris 8   2      1.5 GHz    2 GB

  CPU servers:
    cpu05.math   V240    Solaris 8   2      1.5 GHz    2 GB
    cpu09.math   V440    Solaris 8   4      1.0 GHz    8 GB
    cpu11.math   Ultra10 Solaris 8   1      300 MHz    1 GB

Additionally, "fs01.math" is a Network Appliance file server.
All home directories and mailboxes for machines in this region
are stored on this server.  It provides fast reliable service
as well as convenient online snapshots for backups.