Special Issue in

J. of Combinatorial Optimization

Following the workshop, there will be a proceedings volume published by AMS. In addition, there will be a special issue of J. of Combinatorial Optimization for a few (6-7) selected papers. All papers will be fully refereed.
If you would like to submit your paper to the special issue of J. of Combinatorial Optimization, please do so as soon as possible. The deadline for this special issue is Sept. 1, 1996. You can submit the paper by email or by regular mail. (Email is preferred.)
The manuscripts submitted for the special issue of the Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, should use the same LaTex style files as for the Journal of Global Optimization, which are available through the WWW (http://www.wkap.nl) or the Internet as follows:
ftp ftp.std.com (enter)
name: anonymous (enter)
password: (your e-mail address) (enter)
cd Kluwer/styles/journals (enter)
get README and other style files