The building is unlocked from 7 am to 6 pm (U of T does this, not the Fields Institute). There will be limited office space (about 10 - 15 spaces), and the people put in offices will have keys to both their offices and the outside doors. This will give some people keys for after hours, who can open doors if groups come back, say, after dinner. Understandably, we can't issue all the participants keys for three days. Please inform one of the organizers if you need an office and a key.
There are several computers hooked up, and participants can access them with a guest account on the Fields host (information on userids and passwords will be given once people arrive). That's about 10 computers, not counting ones in the offices. They're usually in high demand over workshops.
Also, we will have tourist information available either at the reception desk, the library, or in individual registration packages.
An information booklet will be available at the workshop.