Searching Henry Wolkowicz's HTML Files using Alta Vista

Position your cursor in the leftmost position of the long box below, type your "search" request, and then click on the "Submit" button.

For example,...
requestwill search for documents at UW containing
metaphysicsthe word "metaphysics"
Department of Metaphysicsthe two words "Department" and "Metaphysics" (trivial words such as "of" are ignored)
"Department of Metaphysics"documents containing the three-word string "Department of Metaphysics"
The case (upper, lower, mixed) of the request does not matter; "department" and "Department" produce the same result.

NOTES: The Alta Vista computer is in California, and it is a very popular resource. If a response seems slow, you should assume that it is related to network congestion somewhere between UW and the Alta Vista computer, not to contention on the Alta Vista computer itself. Also, we cannot guarantee the frequency with which Alta Vista regenerates its indexes. You might find references to documents at UW that no longer exist, and you might not find references to documents at UW that have been created only recently.