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Workshop on

Semidefinite Programming and Interior-Point Approaches for Combinatorial Optimization Problems
Wednesday May 15- Friday May 17, 1996

Supported jointly by Fields Institute and CRM
(before the SIAM Conference on Optimization in Victoria , May 20-22, 1996; and after Optimization Days in Montreal May 13-15, 1996.)

to be held at

The Fields Institute,
University of Toronto campus
222 College Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5T 3J1
Phone: (416)348-9710
Fax: (416)348-9714

The proceedings are published in:
18.Topics in Semidefinite and Interior-Point Methods, eds. P. Pardalos, University of South Florida and H. Wolkowicz, University of Waterloo, AMS, 1998, 250pp.
in Fields Institute Communication Series.
( table of contents from Math Review)

Last Updated 5/27/1996

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Joseph Cheriyan (University of Waterloo),
Bill Cunningham (University of Waterloo),
Panos Pardalos (University of Florida),
Levent Tuncel (University of Waterloo),
Tony Vannelli (University of Waterloo),
Workshop Description Semidefinite Programming, interior point methods and global optimization approaches are active areas of research during the last decade. In particular, techniques from these areas have been applied to develop new algorithms for solving combinatorial optimization problems. More generally, techniques from continuous optimization can be effectively used in the development of efficient algorithms for combinatorial optimization problems. The main focus of this workshop is to bring together some of the best researchers working on the algorithmic and practical applications on these areas with emphasis on the following topics: A proceedings published by AMS of refereed invited papers is planned. In addition, we will have a special issue of J. of Comb. Opt. for selected papers.

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This workshop is supported jointly by the Fields Institute and CRM

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