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Dani started working for MFCF Operations around September 1981 as a co-op operator and spent the middle 4 of his 6 work terms here. (To put this in a historical perspective, MFCF had just a Honeywell 66/80 and a Digital Vax 11/780 in Sept 1982 and only 1 other person still works in MFCF from when he started.)

After graduating with a Baccalaureate of Mathematics (Computer Science and Combinatorics and Optimization), he worked as a continuous "co-op" operator from May 1985 until his position became permanent in January 1987. His current position is Software Specialist.

The Math Faculty Computing Facility (MFCF) is the primary computing service provider in the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo.

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At Work
Dani Roloson
MFCF, MC 3046,
University of Waterloo,
200 University Avenue West,
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
N2L 3G1
At Home
Dani Roloson
#1-409 Keats Way,
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
N2L 5S7

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At Work
 on-campus: x35476
off-campus: (519)888-4567 1-35476 (touch tone)
            (519)885-1211  x35476 (rotary/switchboard)
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