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Editorial Work

Mathematical Programming Computation
Editor-in-Chief, 2008--2014

Mathematical Programming, Series A
Editor-in-Chief, 2003--2007
Associate Editor, 1990--2003

Mathematical Programming, Series B
Editor-in-Chief, 1999--2003

INFORMS Journal on Computing
Area Editor, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, 2003--2007
Associate Editor, 1992--2003

Mathematics of Operations Research
Associate Editor, 1998--2013

MPS/SIAM Series on Optimization
Editorial Board, 2010--2013

SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics
Associate Editor, 1992--2009

SIAM Journal on Optimization
Associate Editor, 2006--2012, 2015--present

Algorithms and Combinatorics, Springer Series
Editorial Board, 2010--present

Vietnam Journal of Mathematics
Editorial Board, 2013--present