The Java library comes with a graphical user interface that can be executed as an applet as well as a Java application. It is very similar to the Windows user interface. The Java library, user interface, and a command line solver are distributed together in the file qsopt.jar. It defines the qs package which contains the public classes Problem, Basis, QSException, QS, GUI, reader, and solver. A brief documentation is available online and for downloading.

Qsopt.jar is compatible with the Java Runtime Environment Version 1.4 and up.

The graphical user interface, qs.GUI, and command line solver, qs.solver, are started with the help of the java interpreter. The interpreter must be able to find qsopt.jar, the jar file that bundles the callable function library, the user interface, and solver code. Please make sure that qsopt.jar is either located in a directory on your environment's CLASSPATH variable or in one of the directories mentioned in the interpreter's -cp command line argument.

Java method names are derived from the C function names according to the following guidelines:

For more information on how to write programs using the Java library please refer to Java application development, a pretty printer application, an application defining a problem by method calls, and a simple solver application.