Ashwin Nayak


I studied computer science at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (B.Tech., 1995) and at University of California, Berkeley (Ph.D., 1999).

After holding post-doctoral positions at DIMACS Center (Rutgers University and AT&T Labs-Research), and California Institute of Technology, I joined University of Waterloo in 2002. I was an associate faculty member at Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics during 2003–11.

My research primarily revolves around quantum information and computation, with an emphasis on algorithms, complexity, and communication. I continue to work more broadly on related topics in theoretical computer science.

About me


Institute for Quantum Computing

University of Waterloo

200 University Avenue West

Waterloo, ON, N2L 3G1, Canada

Office:    QNC 3124    (see the campus map for building location)

Phone:   +1 519 888 4567   extension   43601

    U. Waterloo matters:     ashwin dot nayak at uwaterloo dot ca
    All other matters:     academic at ashwinnayak dot info

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Office hours    Thursdays, 4 5 pm     (Sep. Dec. 2022)