Adam Logan's Very Basic Home Page

Welcome to Adam's WWW page. May I direct you to my professional page or to my personal page?

If you need to reach me from here, it is generally best to send me e-mail. Spammers should use the address; intelligent life forms are advised to insert a "g" between the vowels. If you want to contact me in some other way, sending e-mail first is probably a good idea.

If your preferred mode of communication is the intercontinental ballistic missile, you may get in touch with me at 53° 24' 09'' N, 2° 58' 41'' W, 23 metres above sea level. (Actually I don't live there any more, but I don't really want ballistic missiles fired at Montreal, Waterloo, or greater New York.)

Main pages last updated August 19, 2010 (general cleanup). If I have expressed any opinions here, they are mine and not those of anyone who sees fit to give me money and office space in exchange for mathematical insights and other work.

Soon to be destroyed to make way for a cyberspace bypass