This is a two player game in which players compete to build a better tour than the opponent. Players build a traveling salesman tour through the cities/green circles by moving the red or blue 'salesman' circle from city to city. Both players may start their tours at any city, must send their salesmen to visit each city exactly once, and guide their salesmen back to the start of their round trip.

One player controls the red 'salesman' circle, the other the blue one. Players build tours by moving their salesman over cities and selecting those. The table below shows how the "wasd" and arrow keys are used to move the salesman circles up, down, left, and right. Players can add cities to their salesman's tours by typing the back slash or enter key.

Once the first player has finished with his/her tour, a timer starts off. The second player may continue to work on a tour until the timer stops. If both players complete a tour, the one with the shorter tour wins, otherwise the player with complete tour wins.

Click your Mouse on the Applet area to activate it.
Type SPACE to generate a new set of cities.
Use the keys to the right to control the circle movements.
Red Player Movement Blue Player
w Up Arrow UP
a Left Arrow LEFT
s Down Arrow DOWN
d Right Arrow RIGHT
` (SingleQuote) Select A City Enter

These games was implemented using the mcmTheater package, see mcmTheater Home.