Download Information

The full source code to the Concorde network optimization package, as well as executables for various platforms, and a Windows graphical user interface to Concorde's traveling salesman solver are available for academic research use; for other uses, contact William Cook for licensing options.

Source Code

The Concorde source code is distributed as a gzipped tar file. To install the code follow the instructions given in the README and Installation Guide.

gzipped tar file   version date    
Concorde-03.12.19     Dec 19, 2003   ANSI C Code as gzipped tar file
Concorde-99.12.15     Dec 15, 1999   Older code, no longer supported
Concorde-97.08.27     Aug 8, 1997   Older code, no longer supported

Executable Programs

Executable versions of Concorde and Linkern are available for Linux, Solaris, and Windows/Cygwin. Concorde is the cutting-plane-based exact TSP solver (using the QSopt LP solver) and Linkern is an implementation of the Chained-Lin-Kernighan heuristic for the TSP. The executable codes are given as gzipped files. The Windows/Cygwin codes will run under Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP if at least the minimal version of the Cygwin environment is installed.

gzipped executable
concorde-linux Concorde for Red Hat Linux 8.0
linkern-linux Linkern for Red Hat Linux 8.0
concorde-solaris32 Concorde for Solaris 32-bit
linkern-solaris32 Linkern for Solaris 32-bit
concorde-solaris64 Concorde for Solaris 64-bit
linkern-solaris64 Linkern for Solaris 64-bit
concorde-cygwin Concorde for Windows/Cygwin
linkern-cygwin Linkern for Windows/Cygwin

Graphical User Interface for Windows

The graphical user interface to Concorde's traveling salesman solver is available for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP. Download and execute concorde installer to install the interface.


Source code for domino-parity inequalities written by D. Espinoza and M. Goycoolea is given in the gzipped tarfile DP. This code will be supported as an add-on in the next release of Concorde.