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Bill Cunningham (William H. Cunningham) is a professor in the Department of Combinatorics and Optimization at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Since August 1, 2012, he has been Adjunct Professor and Distinguished Professor Emeritus.

bulletBill's current research interests include combinatorial optimization, polyhedral combinatorics, matroids, matchings and generalizations.

bulletHere is a list of graduate students who have been supervised by Bill.

bulletHere is a list of Bill's publications.

bulletHere is a list of available papers.

bulletBill no longer teaches.

bulletBill is the author, with Bill Cook, Bill Pulleyblank, and Lex Schrijver, of Combinatorial Optimization, published by Wiley, 1998.

bullet William T. Tutte played an important role in the early success of the C&O Department. Here is some information about him.

bulletBill can be reached by email at this address: whcunnin atsymbol uwaterloo dot ca.

bulletPhone numbers: 519-888-4567 extension 34627 (office), 519-888-4567 extension 33482 (assistant), 519-897-1920 (home), 519-725-5441 (fax).

Updated October 17/2020