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Office location: QNC 3313 (research), MC 6008 (teaching office hours)

Office phone: 519-888-4567 x33604

Fax: 519-725-5441

Current teaching

Fall 2016: QIC 890/CO 781: Theory of quantum communication

Recent teaching

Fall 2015: MATH 239: Introduction to Combinatorics

Fall 2014: MATH 135: Algebra for Honours Mathematics

Winter 2014: MATH 135: Algebra for Honours Mathematics

Fall 2012: QIC 890/CO 781: Theory of quantum communication

Winter 2012, Spring 2011: MATH 239: Introduction to Combinatorics

Winter 2012: QIC 890/CO 781/CS 867: Quantum Error Correction and Fault Tolerance (with Daniel Gottesman)

Spring 2010: QIC 890/CO 781, Theory of quantum communication

IQC Colloquium

Public info for the colloquium

Internal info for the IQC colloquium (need UW password)

Positions for interns, graduate school, and postoc

Suitable candidates are encouraged to contact me.

Due to the volume of requests and the limited positions, a response will only be made when a position is available and when there is good match in background and interest.

Current affiliations

Faculty (Sept 2005-), Department of Combinatorics and Optimization and Institute for Quantum Computing

Scholar (Mar 2005-), The Canadian Institute for Advanced Research

Affiliate Member (Dec 2004-), Perimeter Institute fo Theoretical Physics

Background and previous affiliations

Tolman Postdoctoral Fellow (2003-5), Institute for Quantum Information, Caltech

Postdoctoral Fellow (2002), Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley

Postdoctoral Fellow (2000-2), Physics of Information group, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Ph.D. in Physics (2000), Stanford Univeristy
Thesis: "Towards Robust Quantum Computation"
Advisors: Prof. Yoshihisa Yamamoto and Prof. Isaac Chuang

B.S. in Physics/Mathematics (1995), California Institute of Technology
Thesis: ``Effects of thermal conduction in sonoluminescence''
Advisors: Prof. Steven E. Koonin and Dr. Ming-Chung Chu

Research Interest

General interests: theoretical quantum information processing.

  • Quantum information processing capacities of abstract or physical resources, e.g., the capacity of communicating quantum information using the dual resources of entanglement and quantum/classical channels (remote state preparation and superdense coding of quantum states), the capacity of nonlocal interactions to communicating quantum/classical information, to generate entanglement, and to perform quantum computation. General quantum channel capacities.
  • Cryptographic applications of quantum information, e.g., composability of important quantum protocols, methods for quantum state encryption and authentication and secure key recycling in such protocols, quantum data hiding, quantum key distribution.
  • Fault tolerant quantum computation, and error correcting codes
  • Long time interests: study of various quantum or classical correlations in quantum systems, solution state NMR quantum computation, and quantum process tomography, variations of measurement-based quantum computation.


  • What's on the arXiv
  • List by google scholar citation
  • Partial list of quantum teachers and collaborators (not updated)

  • Panos Aliferis
  • Dave Bacon
  • Charles Bennett
  • Andrew Childs
  • Isaac Chuang
  • Toby Cubitt
  • Igor Devetak
  • David DiVincenzo
  • Aram Harrow
  • Patrick Hayden
  • Michal Horodecki
  • Hoi-Kwong Lo
  • William Matthews
  • Dominic Mayers
  • Michael Nielsen
  • Jonathan Oppenheim
  • Graeme Smith
  • John Preskill
  • John Smolin
  • Peter Shor
  • Barbara Terhal
  • Guifre Vidal
  • Andreas Winter
  • Prof. Yoshihisa Yamamoto
  • Students who are working with me right now

  • Master's students: Guiyang Han and Theerapat Tansuwannont
  • Continuing interns: Jesse Wang, Matt Hodel, and Dariusz Lasecki.
  • People who had work with me as students

    Panos Aliferis, Adam Azarchs, Andrew Childs, Aram Harrow, Graeme Smith, Panos Aliferis, Man-Hong Yung, Adam Azarchs, Abhinav Bahadur, Miroslava Sotakova, Moritz Ernst, Christophe Vuillot, Egor Larionov, Mohammad Derakhshani, Maris Ozols, Yingkai Ouyang, Laura Mancinska, Michal Kotowski, Honghao Fu.

    Partially updated Sept 07, 2016