Sue Ann Campbell

BMath (Waterloo), PhD (Cornell)
Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics
Faculty of Mathematics, University of Waterloo


My research involves building and analyzing mathematical models for biological systems. My current works focusses on applications in neuroscience from the single cell to the network level. Past work includes applications in ecology and engineering. A major theme of my research is the influence of nonlinearities and time delays on the model behaviour. The time delays represent the time it takes information to propagate from one part of the system to another. The nonlinearity represents the fact that in these systems a small change in the state can often result in a large change in behaviour. Mathematically, my research involves dynamical systems theory (e.g., stability, bifurcations, centre manifolds and normal forms) and its extensions to delay differential equations and non-smooth systems. A detailed description of my current research projects is also available.


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Sue Ann Campbell
Department of Applied Mathematics
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