Here are a bunch of interesting moto-related web pages.
Interested in the Honda VFR? Visit the VFR home page maintained by Ricardo Menendez. It includes pictures, bike and accessory reviews, historical tidbits, links to other people's VFR stuff. Some day there will be a VFR FAQ at Mike Coustier's site. Oh, sorry, I guess not.. And George Currie has a searchable archive of VFR list postings.

Ron Erhardt has a photo gallery for the Sabre/Magna mailing list.

Phil Ross maintains The Compleat SabMag Links Page.

Steen Jeberg in Denmark has a Sabre page you can visit. Maybe it has moved to a new location now.

In August (um, 1997? I forget now) we held the first "SabMag" rally for members of the Sabre/Magna mailing list. Photos and trip reports are temporarily available from Mike Stewart. Shiro Toida in Japan has a web page including stuff about his Sabre. James "Chrome Boy" Stoehr has a "Magna-fied" home page.

Tony Donisi has an extensive "SabMag High Tech & Customization Page".

Check out Kelly Rhyne's wild VF1000R.

Here are some other people's motorcycle-related home pages: Andrew White, Ravi Narayan, Cameron Simpson, who may have moved to a different location, the Review Archive home page.

Interested in the late model Magna? Visit Frederick Castrovinci .

Ricardo Damazio in Portugal maintains a nice web page devoted to the Yamaha Fazer and VMAX.

There's a home page for the Honda Shadow courtesy of Thorsteinn Ingason in Iceland.

A fairly comprehensive index of motorcycle sites is at Ronnie Cramer's motorcycle web index.

Look for Ed Hackett's oil FAQ.

Of course there's always the Yahoo index too.