JEVCO Insurance Blacklist

This is a summary of the JEVCO blacklist against sport bikes in Ontario, Canada. This list is at least one year old. Probably two. (Okay, probably 3 or 4 by now, 1997.) JEVCO, formerly the big friendly insurance company that welcomed all motorcycles, abruptly announced that they would refuse to insure any bikes on this list. Many other insurance companies in Ontario are following JEVCO's lead.

The actual list includes zillions of versions of each bike, with the letter suffix that denotes the model year. I have deleted all that and just left the model. It's probably a safe bet that all model years of a given model are included.


RG 250, RG 500 Gamma, GSX 600 Katana, RF 600, GS 750 Katana, GSX 750 Katana, GSXR 750, GSXR 750 Katana, GSXR 750R, RF 900, GSXR 1100


ZX 600 Ninja, ZX 750 GPZ, ZX 750 Turbo, ZX 750 Ninja, ZL 900 Eliminator, ZX 900 Ninja, ZX 900, ZX 1000 Ninja, ZX 1100 Ninja


CBX 250, NS 400R, VF 500 Interceptor, CBR 600 F2, CBR 600 Hurricane, VF 750 Interceptor, VFR 750 Interceptor, VFR 750F, VFR 750R, CBR 900RR, VF 1000 Interceptor, VF 1000R, CBR 1000 Hurricane


TZR 250, RZ 350, FZR 400, RZ 600, RZ 500, FZ 600, FZR 600, FZ 750,, FZR 750, FZR 750R, YZF 750, FZR 1000, VMX 12 V-Max


All models.


Daytona 1000


Speed Triple 900, Daytona 900, Daytona 1200, Daytona Super Three

In _Cycle_Canada_ magazine early this year (1997) it was reported that Kingsway Insurance is now going to provide direct competition for Jevco in 1997, meaning rates may drop and Jevco "may" also drop its black-list for sport bikes or at least modify it to consider a rider's experience.