David Duncanson's V4 Oil Kit

NOTE: As of May 1997, all of David's oil kits have been sold!
David's oil kit is similar to the Tierney-Hollen kit and is based on the plans that Art Reitsma drew up. Here's what David has to say about it...
My kit is made so that you have the choice of running either 1 or 2 lines from the adapter up either side of the engine for greater flexibility in hose routings. It is possible to install your kit so that you cannot see it unless you look for it.

The adapter itself is sized to use either of 2 standard oil filter sizes if you have clearance problems. In addition, it re-uses the stock oil filter seal to prevent oil leakage.

As of March 1997, about twenty-five adapter Kits are available for $100.00 US each or for $175.00 US with all necessary fittings/hoses etc.

Want to see photos of this kit? The first photo is of a side view from the left side of the engine. The oil line runs right up the chrome pipe very nicely. I have inserted the braided stainless steel line inside a piece of rubber hose to eliminate the possibility of chafing.

The second photo is a picture of the adapter from the bottom with the oil filter installed. Notice how it does not protrude below the oil filter.

The third photo (tee line) shows how the single line application works. The single line from the adapter runs between the cylinders and "tees" off from there to each of the heads.