David Berkey's V4 Oil Kit

NOTE: This kit is now being sold by Holeshot Performance, not directly by David any more.

David's oil kit is similar to the Tierney-Hollen kit and is based on the plans that Art Reitsma drew up. Here's what David has to say about it...

The kit consists of:

The kit is complete with nothing else to buy although I recomend use of teflon tape for the fitting to adapter connection and locktite for the center bolt. The original oil filter may be used or you may use the late-model Gold Wing filter (spin-on) which provides additional clearence between the filter and exhaust pipe.

Formerly I was selling direct, but my kit is now distributed by Dale Walker's Holeshot Performance.

I am very satisified with the fit and finish of the kit and the fact that it uses aircraft quality components. I have had no problems with it and it was fairly easy to install except that the banjo bolt on the front cylinder is a bear to get at. I understand that some folks remove the radiator for access although I elected to remove the air cleaner plenum to allow access.

Satisfied customers include Robert Sutton, (rsutton@animal.blarg.net), Richard Guynn (richard.guynn@hou.mcdermott.com), and Kyle Draz (kyled@pogo.wv.tek.com).

Please let me know if you are interested and I can answer any questions for you.

dkberkey@mvtel.net (formerly dberkey@ionet.net)

Want to see photos of the kit installed on his V65 Magna? Click here for the first one, and here for the second.