Landry/Schoeb V4 Oil Modification Photos

Trenton Schoeb has provided photos of his V65 Magna oil modification. They have identifying labels added.

PHOTO 1: Overall appearance.

(1) mounting bracket (2) steel line coming up the front of the engine

PHOTO 2: Close-up of tee joint and bracket.

(1) engine case bolt (2) compression washers (3) point where metal is removed from top of boss to create flat surface (4) 1/16" sheet steel bracket (5) 1/8" NPT hex plug drilled out to 5/16" and sweated on end of steel tubing

PHOTO 3: Close-up of new oil line fitted to cylinder head.

(1) Stem of banjo fitting with slight bend to fit around the (2) protrusion on the side of the (3) cam chain housing. (4) #4 cylinder intake. (5) Coolant pipe.

PHOTO 4: Cam lobe and rocker face damage. Call it galling, pitting, scarring, scoring, or just plain chewed up; this is what you want to avoid!

PHOTO 5: Trenton and his expert engineering test team rigorously testing the newly modified engine.